Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ninjago Party Ideas

I wish the best of luck to all of you who may be planning a LEGO Ninjago theme birthday party! My last post has had quite a lot of traffic. So, you're not alone! Kids love Ninjago. The problem is you're going to have to be a DIY'er. If you want to see how to make a few of your own Ninjago party supplies, please go back to my older posts. You'll see my Ninjago invitations, balloons, and party cups.

My search for Ninjago party ideas began on-line. I found several people pinning LEGO party ideas. But I didn't see many ideas specific to Ninjago, except for cakes (and those looked insanely difficult for the novice DIY'er). So, I took what I found from a hodge podge of themed birthday parties and basically adapted the ideas to fit our Ninjago theme.

Some of my ideas turned out better than others...as you'll plainly see. But overall, I was pleased with the results. And more importantly, so was my son. A Ninjago theme was undeniably present at his 9th birthday party.

I recognize the fact that my creations can be improved upon, but I definitely don't plan on hosting another Ninjago party. So please use and adapt to your heart's desire. Your Ninjago enthusiast will love you for it! (And he'll probably even want to help.)

9x13 LEGO brick cake.

At the Betty Crocker website you can watch a How-To video on making a LEGO brick cake. Instead of putting connectors (marshmallows halves) on the middle section, I posed two of my son's Ninjago spinners on top of the frosting like they were battling in the Spinjitsu arena.

LEGO brick candles.

I was ecstatic to find these at Target in the party supply area. With the Ninjago spinners offset on the center third of the cake, I put the candles on the other side.

Ninjago cupcakes.

I'm not likely to ever try cake decorating again! My intentions were good, but I can't control the decorating tips. At least I used a yellow cake mix, allowing me to reveal the ninjas' faces without having to frost those too.

LEGO utensil holder.

Here's a great way to get your little ninja involved in the party preparation!

Guess how many Ninjago pieces?

Get the party started with a nice, quick guessing game. While the kids are eating, give them each a slip of paper and pass around the jar of random LEGO or Ninjago pieces. After they jot down their guesses, read them off in order of farthest from the actual number of pieces to the closest. Let the excitement build and finally announce the best estimation and the lucky winner.

LEGO mini-figurine giveaways.

These make great prizes for game winners or can be shared in lieu of goodie bags for guests. What's great is that each mini-fig comes in a sealed non-see-through bag. So, opening one feels like opening a present. You never know which mini-fig you're going to get.

Pin the Sword on the Ninja.

Find a good image of your child's favorite Ninjago character online and print, along with enough golden weapons for each child to have his own for a game of Pin the Sword on the Ninja. You know the the rest. Blindfold, spin around once or twice, and have them try to stick the golden weapon in the ninja's hand. This will be a hit!

Ninjago party table.

Trust me, it's all worth it to see that smile on your birthday boy's face.

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